Dialing Instructions

Local Calls

Dial 9 + Local Number

Long Distance Calls(Billed to Room)

Dial 8 + 1 + Area Code + The Number

Operator Assisted (Credit Card)

Dial 9 + 0 + Area Code + The Number

Toll Free Numbers

Dial 9 + 1 + (800/888/887/866) + The Number

To Call Another Guest

Dial Room Number


Dial 911

In the event of an emergency, medical or otherwise, please contact emergency services or the front desk for immediate attention.

Our long distance carrier is Xfinity. Complaints for Xfinity may be directed to : 1-800-XFINITY Local, long distance, or international calls will be billed to your account only if the called party answers.

Direct Complaints to

Federal Communications Commission

Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau

Consumer Inquiries & Complaints Division

445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554